The transmission per second of data of your internet connection determines the internet speed. It is usually measured in megabits of data per second Mbps. It is the rate at which the receiving computer is getting the internet data from the providing computer. The analogy of water pressure can be used to explain the internet speed. The volume of water that is passing a given amount of space at a particular time determines the rate of the water in that space.

The computer transmits information when connected to the internet to and fro each other in the form of electronic packets which are simply a division of the entire data. For instance the higher the water pressure the many the water drops can be produced at a given time, similarly the fast and robust internet connection the faster the electronic packets will be transmitted at a shorter period.

The data size transferred at a given time through a connection is what is known as the internet speed. For instance, assume you want to wash your hair. You can do this by using water directly from the showerhead with low pressure or use high-pressure water. The water with high pressure will rinse the shampoo quickly than the low-pressure water. The difference arises due to the number of water droplets passing to clean the shampoo at a given time.

Similarly, a faster internet speed allows you to stream videos and listen to music faster without necessarily waiting for minutes for the internet to buffer up. Nobody likes watching one or two video flames and then wait for hours for the next part to load. High-Speed internet will make your online work smooth and enjoy your stay.

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