There are several factors that impact the internet speed on a device.

  • The maximum speed supported by any device can vary from one device to another. It is depend on the hardware, technology used in the device to make connection. Usually a new device have current technology to connect and can have a high support speeds. Hence, a speed test can show different results on different devices connecting to same internet service.
  • If you are testing a WI-fi device, the speed changes as the distance from the WI-fi router changes. A speed test can vary on speed performed on devices connecting using a wi-fi and its distance from the router.
  • Speed of the connection is also dependent on the Server and its speed capability. Usually the speed of service provider are much higher than your device can support.
  • Speed can vary a little on different browser. You may get a little varying speed of same device and internet service but on different browsers.

Slowness in the internet speed.

Before you start your speed test, close all the other applications, downloads, videos etc that takes a lot of bandwidth. When you find your speed to be slow after closing these applications, reboot your router, modem. Also ensure you have quality modem or router that supports the speed promised by your service provider. After these fixes, if your speed is slow, then you need inform the internet service provider about the slowness in speed. Their technicians would diagnose and provide you a solution.

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