The above article has considerably emphasized on the internet connection and your devices. The section below now will highlight the part of the home network.

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is a wireless transmission of information from a specific configuration of the control and the router hardware. In the information technology, it is known as IEEE802.11.and the name Wi-Fi was used for marketing purposes since it looks catchy to the customer’s ears. The term Wi-Fi was confused to the term wireless fidelity but technically not accurate, but due to the popularity of this name, it is considered valid to some point.

Factors affecting Wi-Fi speed?

1. The number of the devices connected to your Wi-Fi since the more the number, the more bandwidth needed.
2. Wi-Fi network in your homestead.

Why is Wi-Fi highly recommended?

Since various Internet Service Providers are offering this connection as an option, you can get your Wi-Fi at home once you contact an ISP’s installation technician or you can get the installation guide and do it by yourself.

Routers and Modems.

The modern you see is simply a gateway between the general internet and your local network. The router is the switchboard that connects all the network devices.
What affects the modern or routers internet speed?
The superiority of the technology used in making your modem or the router can significantly affect its performance. Routers and new consumer guidance can be of great help when deciding the best variety to buy and its quality of performance. Ensure to buy our Modern and routers advice before you think of having one.

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