Broadband services are, no doubt, beneficial. As they have brought easier access to the Internet. They also have a nice speed and a sizeable bandwidth. As a result of broadband services, only a few people know of internet accelerators.

As you know, the speed of your broadband internet service varies from place to place. In addition, its speed depends on the efficiency of the provider. And the area it’s set up.

Bad internet speed can be really annoying. And it gets worse if you are accessing a payment website.
The irking timeout page keeps popping up time and time again. And gets more infuriating when you have to go over the same process again and again.

More so, if you are watching a movie online and it keeps buffering, you’ll lose interest in the movie.

So do you want to solve the problem of shaky internet speed? Internet speed booster can help you.

What are the advantages of using Internet speed enhancers?

Internet speed boosters can shut out issues like shaky internet speed, deformed bandwidth, among others.
And not just that, they can also improve your internet speed by 100% or even more.

Best internet Speed Software for windows

Here are some of the internet speed software that can solve the internet issues on your Windows 10 Computer.

1 Ashampoo® Internet Accelerator3

Ashampoo internet accelerator 3 does not just increase your internet speed, it also enhances your computer and optimizes it. You just need to set the software to “automatic speed optimizer” and then every other thing will be handled.

What are the features of Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 3? Let’s have a look at it.

It is simple to use. And you can use it without directions from anyone.

It configures and boosts your browsers, for example, Firefox and Chrome.

No one can trail you, it comes with an in-built internet cleaner that secures your privacy.

It reads the host files and cuts off spyware from redirecting you.

More so, this software features interactive auto check for vital internet access settings.

Its latest version has a speed test tool that tests your internet connection. Hence, you can test your internet. And see the improved speed yourself.

2 Internet Accelerator

Internet Accelerator is free. And it boosts your internet speed. It does this by altering your configuration settings in such a way that it increases your internet speed. drastically reducing the time you spend on page loading.

Below are the features of internet Accelerator

It reduces the time you spend on downloading emails, pictures, music, videos and other things.

It enhances the settings of the windows such that you can get optimal performance and speed with only a few clicks.

This tool can help you get the best out of your PC, even if your PC lacks good hardware components.

Internet accelerator also speeds up your apps and boosts gaming experience on your PC.

With the internet accelerator, you can transfer any size of data seamlessly.

3 Throttle

Getting the best performance out of your internet is achievable with throttle. Push to the maximum limits with this simple software. Its interface is intuitional.

Let’s have a look at its features

The longtime you waste on downloading files are unnecessary. This software will drastically minimize your download time. And you will get done faster.

This tool pries deep into your computer. It makes sure you don’t make changes that harm your PC. In addition, it boosts the performance of your internet.

It escalates your internet speed with immediate effect. It doesn’t matter if you are using U-verse, DSL, Dial-up, fines or cable.

It also helps you cut back on your spending. As it gives you fast internet speed. And you don’t need to buy a robust internet data plan from your ISP.

Throttle can give you a whole new world of gaming experience. As it makes gaming lag-free. To get all these amazing benefits, Just download throttle. Open and install it. Reboot your computer. And voila! Your internet connection is faster.

4 BeFaster

If your internet connection is slow, Befaster is all the difference you need. It will give you enhanced internet speed. In addition, to reducing your ping time.

Here are the features of BeFaster

No matter the kind of internet connection you are using, be it cable modem, wireless, Dial-up modem, cable Dsl running PPPoE, Ti, ISDN, Cable, Direct Pc, xDSL (VSDL, ADSL, etc) Lan and many more. BeFaster will boost its seed.

You have the freedom to manually configure your settings. Or better still, the software can do that for you.

It boosts your online gaming speed in a remarkable way.

Its ping tool eliminates sudden connection losses. It also rouses suspended modems

This app has a strong popularity and is accessible in 27 languages which include, Arabic, Chinese(simplified) Bulgarian, English, Catalan, Czech, Dutch, Chinese(traditional), German, Croatian, Dutch, French, Danish, Greek and many more.

To get the best out of your Internet connection, all you have to do is download and install this software.

5 FastNet99

This tool tirelessly boosts your internet access. It eliminates DNS lookups. In addition, to boosting your web experience.

These are the features of FastNet99

It comes with tools which can help you to detect and fix network problems. In addition, it gives you access to user, hosts and networks on public and private networks.

It unites DNS lookup, Whols, Time synchronizer, ping, finger, Traceroute among others.

This software keeps a local record of DNS-IP addresses in a tabular form. It alerts your browser to review the record prior to checking your ISP for the DNS. So you need to only perform a local search. And not create TCP/IP network traffic.

You can block unwanted websites. Just add them to the host files with Local IP address, and you will block them.

This software features a scheduler for recurring processes. In addition, it stores new information, for example, DNS Connections and IP addresses. It saves them in the windows host file, so that you can use them in the future.

6 Internet Speed Up

The Internet Speed up is another enhancer that boosts the speed of your DSL, Cable, and Modem.

Now, we are going to have a look at the feature of this software

It escalates your internet speed.

It secures your connection, in addition to boosting your surfing speed up to three times.

It has an in-built advanced crash recovery.

It improves your surfing speed and you don’t need to network or have a communication background.

The software is simple and intuitive. It tests your connection and configures it, using your bandwidth. It gives you the fastest speed.

7 WorldWeb Access Accelerator

If you want to surf around the internet and check your emails ten times faster, the WorldWeb Access Accelerator might just be all you need. It is one of the best internet speed boosters around.

Now let’s look at its features:

It features advanced pop-up blockers, banner ad-blockers, privacy protection and anti-spyware.

It uses a variety of networks of caching servers in the US. And a compression algorithm to boost the speed of all your dial-up connections.

It compresses webpages, images, documents and animations with immediate effect.

This software improves the speed of downloading FTP, internet browsing and email (IMAP, SMTP and POP3)

WorldWebAccess is compatible with all browsers including Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox and Internet Explorer. More so, it works well with all email clients including Outlook Express, Outlook and Eudora.

8 Modem Booster

Modem booster stands out from other internet speed boosters. As it can boost the internet speed of your modem by up to 300%.

Below are The features of Modem Booster:

It is compatible with all the dial-up networking ISPs. It also tweaks your network settings to greatly boost your speed.

This web accelerator carries out a detailed check on the settings of your modem. And optimizes it. Matching the settings of your ISP to that of your connection. And systematically enhancing your internet speed.

You don’t have to fumble around on the software. The modem booster comes with an auto-tune that handles all the tuning issues.

This software enhances the speed of all ISPs such as AOL, MSN, Compuserve 2000 and NetZero.

It also comes with a manual tuner. And advanced users can tweak the cache settings, MTU, TTL among other things.

9 TweakMaster Pro

This booster requires a lot of Free space to work. In addition to internet boosting, it solves other issues eg memory leak.

Here are the features of TweakMaster Pro:

It comprises of DU meter Utility and exclusive LinkFox technology.

It is compatible with all kinds of connections including DSL, Cable, Wireless or dialup

It improves the internet and download speed significantly.

A lot of options are available in the optimization settings box to give you the fastest possible connection.

The TweakMaster master allows you to take an overall charge of the networking configuration settings of your computer. The DU meter features flexible events system, extensive login faculty and many more.

10 Google Web Accelerator

Yet another free and wonderful internet speed enhancer for Windows PC. If you are using windows operating system 2000 and older, this software is for you. As it works well on older Window versions.

Here are its features:

Client’s servers are installed on your PC. And also, data caching from google servers. Speeding up time of page load by data compression, sharing of cached data between users and pre-fetching contents.

It’s easy to use. All you have to do is download and install.

It’s Mostly used in India, Indonesia and The United States.

This software saves a great deal of your time. The time saved is shown in the toolbar of the browser.

Google Web Accelerator is Compatible with Mozilla Firefox 1.0 and Internet Explorer 5.5+ on windows server 2003, windows vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 SP3 + and Windows 7.

Which One Is Best For You: Best Internet Accelerating Software For Windows 10?

It’s not easy to get the best internet speed booster. As you need to think about your privacy, and the security of the Internet speed booster.

However, getting a software you understand well is imperative. So consider getting one with a simple and intuitive interface.

More so, check out the internet speed enhancers treated in this article. Examine their features and decide what you want. You will not go wrong, if you follow the ones marshalled out in this piece.

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