In this article, I educate you on the 21 stellar productivity tools that are sure to help you make the best use of your time. Find the best fit for your interests and save time.

Make use of these godsend time management, as well as productivity engines, and you’ll find yourself swimming in success.

FOR EVERYONE – General Tools


If you want to complete and deliver your projects on time, ProofHub is your choice. Launched back in 2011, this is a cloud-based tool for planning, collaborating, properly organizing, and finally delivering projects. Myriad users trust it. Its features are just amazing, and using it involves not much hassle. ProofHub has developed an app for mobile users, too. That’s convenience on board.

Get to enjoy features like Online Proofing, Tasks Management, Calendar, Third-Party Integrations, and a lot more. So, you can always integrate your files in one collection tool. Don’t go without knowing that it allows you to access: Dropbox, Outlook, Google Drive, and more. What a tool!


This one is meant to save time by promoting teamwork. It ensures that everyone is busy and organized. Though it doesn’t suit solo individuals, Adana will assign each of its users with various jobs. At only $21 each month (after a free trial) for 5 members, you’ll take time management to the next level. The cost is directly proportional to the count of members.


Freedcamp offers a bunch of functionality for planning, organization and also do an auction for projects, absolutely free of charge. You can share files, get engaged in discussions, and do more with members of your team. And, Freedcamp allows you to pay for only the features that you need and leave alone the rest. You can’t leave this one out if your goal is maximum productivity for sure.


Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

These two are to productivity what breath is to life. They’re more of marketing tools on the internet platform. Google Analytics and the co gives a high-caliber insight about traffic, conversions, and referrals of your website. Your website will, consequently, be highly Google-optimized. With that, you’re an example of successful online merchants.

Google Drive (and the associates)

Sharing and customization of a wide range of files are possible with Google Drive. When coupled with its subsets like Google Docs and more, it isn’t worth missing out. In a team, you can chat as well as share notes. And that’s not the news, and it’s free!



This is one rare tool that is used by those who are in the front line of seeking productivity. To save notes in both audio and text forms, put up reminders, arrange photos, and upload documents, you need Evernote. And, all these can be synced through your many desktops and mobiles. If you keep on hopping from a device to another, you need it.



Almost effortlessly, you can now share informative web content across social media with Buffer. It’s easy, find the content of interest on the web, click on the Buffer bookmarklet icon (after logging in to Buffer), and wait for the tool to add it to your queue to wait for your set sharing time. With this, you always have to link your social media account(s) to the tool and set your desired time of content sharing.

It’s always wise to share content at specific times to avoid being a “bother” to your followers.


Old is gold. This tool has been around for decades but still has the same importance. Use it to man your various social media accounts. It allows you to easily: assign team members social assignments, schedule your posts, and arrange your Twitter followers. You can also track your performance and do even more tasks on this single dashboard.


“If this, then that” is the above name when broken down to a grokkable sentence. It makes you link apps so that they can work together. For instance, you can set IFTTT to upload your photos from Instagram to Google Drive, without doing some sorts of programming (you fear that, don’t you?). Then, evade it by “IFTTT’ing” it.


Rescue Time

This is like an improved version of Toggle. It has more sophisticated features. Have a look:

The tool can be installed on your computer. It will then take records of the websites and programs that you spent more time using. This isn’t the only news. Rescue Time can also show your most productive days. If you happen to upgrade your account to a Premium pack, the tool, at the premium level, blocks the sites that distract you. This is a good deal for sure.


Toggl is a time tracker. The tool lets you know the longer you took to do some task/activity. Something I like about it is the fact that it lets you view the history once you’re dome so that you can change your speed if there’s the need to do so. Good news! You can log activities for the whole week and view later for self-assessment.



Hemingway is the best tool for making tweaks to your grammar while typing. It doesn’t let you write any mistakes and measures the grade of your writing alike. Give it a try, and trust me, you won’t regret that move.



Using a single password for all your accesses is dangerous, isn’t it? And, remembering all your passwords is also an uphill battle. With LastPass, you’ll have all your passwords stored and recalled each time you want it. This can happen across different devices.

Also, LastPass can audit the passwords so that you create easier and more secure ones. You may think that it’s not safe, I know that. To the contrary, LastPass is more than safe, having been endorsed by CNet, PC Magazine, and more hot bodies. There’s a safe free trial as well as a more secure paid membership.


Google Alerts

Google Alerts lets you know whenever your business is talked about by anyone online. It keeps your instant tabs on at that time when the mention has occurred. This is one handy tool for PR and contact-seeking for those who’re interested in your business.



The tool tidies up your inbox by sending selected newsletters to a single folder. You can choose to push all the mails that you think are important/prioritized into one folder so that you can peruse them at your own time. It has an unsubscribe option to let you push away the stubborn newsletters from your inbox folder.


SaneBox has the ability to single out the emails that you value more than others. This sounds too good to be true, but you have to take it since it’s the gospel truth. The “quite trivial” mails will be transferred to the @SaneLater folder. Then, when you get to that time when you feel like going through some “junk,” you open the folder. This saves time.


Chrome to Mobile

This too is a Chrome extension. You can simply move things that you’re working upon to your mobile phone’s storage. You won’t hassle again to move stuff like web pages into your phone.



This app is far easy to use for saving those sweet contents, videos, images, blah blah blah that you bumped upon while browsing.

As you’re surfing around, you may hit an interesting article that you wish to read through later. Don’t worry, go to the bookmark toolbar, and you’ll find the Pocket icon. Hit it, and that content will be channeled into your Pocket app, straight away. So make sure that you don’t miss out on that exciting wrestling episode you found.


For those who are addicted to the podcast, here is your type. The tool is the king in helping enthusiasts like you in organizing your subscriptions. I love this one personally, and I’ve been using it for more than 5 years. Everything is fine with it.

I started with the free package, which has a disadvantage of allowing too many ads into your messages but still functions well. Later, I noticed that the Podkicker Pro does away with the ads at only $2. I had to do an upgrade, which saves more of my time.

FOR Organizers


Trello is the only most uncomplicated way to be organized with your stuff as a visual organizer. Its platform looks like that of Pinterest, except for giving you the opportunity of viewing more than just photos. You can add tasks, labels, and lists which can be dragged dropped, and played with at any time. Leisure time is a good one. So, Visual Organizers enjoy yourselves.

Bottom Line

So that marks the end of our godsend time management and productivity tools’ list. No matter whether you want to apply them to your business or personal activities, they remain the best. Best of luck, pals!

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